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At Kolindo Law Firm, we understand the unique legal challenges and opportunities offered by Bali and Indonesia. With our lawyers being locally trained and having extensive international experience, we are committed to delivering premium corporate legal services tailored to your needs. We pride ourselves on our dynamic and progressive approach, ensuring that whether you are a domestic businessperson, foreign investor, or expatriate, you have come to the right place for expert guidance and peace of mind in navigating the legal landscape in this dynamic region.

7 Years of Experience

Kolindo Law Firm has more than seven years of experience in various legal fields.

Defining Success

Providing excellent legal services to clients with integrity and professionalism.

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Our Practice Areas

Foreign Direct Investment

Establishing PMA and Representative Office; Updating PMA data; Applying for licenses; Submitting investment activity reports periodically, etc

Real Estate, Property & Land

In the Real Estate, Property, and Land practice area, we handle matters such as applications, extensions, sales, swaps, grants, leases, and rights related to condominiums, as well as security rights and land division and consolidation.

Tourism & Hospitality

We offer guidance and support for all aspects related to the tourism and hospitality industry, which is a key business sector in Bali and eastern Indonesia.


Employment Agreement, Company Regulations, Collective Labor Agreement, Rights and Obligations of Employers and Employees, Manpower and Health Social Security, etc

General Trading

Wholesale, retail, agency, distributorship, consumer protection, labeling, health, safety, and standardization obligations are essential aspects of business.

Intellectual Property Rights

Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Trade Secret, Industrial Design, Layout Design of Integrated Circuits registration, and extensions. We also manage Franchise and Licensing matters when necessary.


Various visa types exist: Visa on Arrival, Limited Stay (Work, Investment, Retirement), Visit Stay, Limited Stay, Permanent Stay, and Stay Permit Status Transfer.

We Look At The Law Differently

What Our Client's Say

Kolindo Law Firm's "Visa & Permit Stay" services have been a game-changer for me. Their expertise and professionalism ensured a hassle-free process, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Highly recommended!
Jenifer Parker
I am incredibly satisfied with the services provided by Kolindo Law Firm for Copyright and Patent matters. Their expertise and dedication have been invaluable to my business in Bali. Thank you Kolindo.
Budi Harso

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Our Services

Kolindo Law firm in Bali

Business Structuring & Company Establishment

Kolindo Law Firm specializes in Business Structuring & Company Establishment services, ensuring legal compliance and successful corporate setup in Bali.

Law Firm in Bali

Document / Agreement Negotiation & Drafting

At our law firm in Bali, we excel in Document and Agreement Negotiation & Drafting services, ensuring legal precision.

Law firm in Bali

Due Diligence & Document Review

A law firm's role in Due Diligence & Document Review involves thorough examination and analysis of legal documents to assess risks, compliance, and legal implications.

Law firm Bali Services kantor pengacara di bali

Foreign Investment Consultation & Advice

As one of the best law firms in Bali, we offer expert guidance and counsel for foreign investments, ensuring legal compliance and strategic advice.

Kolindo Law Firm Services kantor hukum di Bali

Permits & Licences

At Kolindo Law Firm in Bali, we specialize in facilitating the acquisition of permits and licenses, navigating legal requirements, and ensuring compliance for your business ventures in Indonesia. Our expertise simplifies the regulatory process.

Law Firm in Bali Services Kantor Pengacara di Bali

Visa & Permit Stay

Our Visa & Permit Stay services facilitate seamless visa applications, extensions, and permit acquisition, ensuring clients comply with immigration regulations, enabling hassle-free stays in Indonesia for work, investment, or residence purposes.

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Why Choose Our Law Firm

Excellent Track Record

When seeking legal representation, consider our law firm in Bali for its excellent track record. Our experienced team consistently achieves favorable outcomes for clients, making us a top choice in the legal field.

Transparent Fees

We prioritize clarity in financial matters, ensuring our clients have a clear understanding of costs involved in legal services. With us, you'll always know what you're paying for, fostering trust and confidence in our commitment to your legal needs.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We prioritize your needs, offering personalized attention and swift responses. Our dedicated team ensures your legal matters are handled with care and efficiency, making us the ideal choice for your legal representation.


Client Consutations


Successful Cases

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Our Partners

Meet our experienced legal team with comprehensive international expertise.

Dr. I Gusti ngurah Muliarta, SH, MH, C.L.A

Attorney/Legal Consultant/Legal Audit

I Komang Buana, SH

Attorney/Legal Consultant

Farel Aditya, SH


Notary in bali

Susi Omeika, SH, M.Kn


Mozes DF Nangi, SE.,MH

Tax Advisor

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