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At Kolindo Law Firm, our practice areas are a reflection of our growth and evolving expertise. As our firm continues to expand in both numbers and experience, we take pride in our ability to provide comprehensive legal services that encompass an increasingly diverse range of practice areas.

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment

Our comprehensive scope of practice areas encompasses the establishment of Foreign Investment Companies (PMA Companies) and Representative Offices, along with managing amendments to PMA Company data and projects.

We handle business license applications and ensure the timely submission of periodic investment activity reports. Our expertise extends to all legal compliance matters related to investment companies. Additionally, we offer guidance and support in mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, separations, dissolutions, and liquidations. With our firm, you’ll find a one-stop solution for your diverse legal needs in the field of foreign investment and corporate affairs.

Real Estate, Property & Land

Our diverse practice areas encompass a wide range of legal services. These include Application, Extension/Renewal, Sale & Purchase transactions, as well as property swaps and land grants.

We specialize in Division of Joint Estate, Lease of Ownership Rights, Right to Build, Right to Use, Right to Cultivate, and Ownership Rights of Condominiums, along with granting and deletion of security rights. Additionally, we excel in Land Separation, Division, and Consolidation processes. Our comprehensive legal support ensures that your property-related needs are met with precision and expertise.

Kolindo law Firm Practice Area Tourism Hospitality

Tourism & Hospitality

Kolindo Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services in the “Tourism and Hospitality” sector, including assistance with the establishment of Foreign Investment Companies (PMA Companies) and Representative Offices, amending PMA Company data and projects, obtaining necessary business licenses, submitting periodic investment activity reports, ensuring legal compliance for investment companies, handling mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, as well as dissolution and liquidation processes. We provide expert guidance to navigate the intricate regulatory landscape of this industry.


Kolindo Law Firm offers comprehensive expertise in Employment law, encompassing a wide range of services. Our scope includes handling Employment Agreements, Company Regulations, and Collective Labor Agreements, ensuring both employers and employees understand their rights and obligations. We excel in navigating Manpower and Health Social Security issues, managing Outsourcing and Subcontracting arrangements, and fulfilling Mandatory Reporting requirements. We also provide guidance on Labor Unions, Employment Relationship Termination, and effectively resolving Employment Disputes.

Employment legal

General Trading

Within our Law Firm’s Practice Areas, we cover a diverse range of legal expertise. This includes services related to Wholesale and Retail businesses, Agency agreements, Distributorship arrangements, and safeguarding Consumer Protection rights.

We also provide legal counsel on matters related to Labelling requirements and ensure compliance with Health, Safety, and Standardization Obligations. Our comprehensive approach to these practice areas ensures that businesses are well-prepared to navigate the complex legal landscape, protect their interests, and uphold industry standards.

Intellectual Property Rights

Our firm boasts an expansive portfolio of practice areas, with a particular emphasis on the critical domain of Intellectual Property Rights. Our seasoned professionals are well-equipped to handle a wide range of services, including the meticulous Search, Registration/Recordation, and Extension (where necessary) of Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Trade Secret, Industrial Design, and Layout Design of Integrated Circuits.

We also possess specialized expertise in Franchise and Licensing matters, providing tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients. Our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your intellectual property interests is reflected in our comprehensive legal protection and strategic guidance, which is designed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of intellectual property law with ease and confidence.

Intellectual Property Rights
Family & Inheritance

Family & Inheritance

Our Practice Area of “Family & Inheritance” is dedicated to a comprehensive range of legal services. We handle cases related to Domestic, Foreign & Mix Marriages, ensuring that legal processes run smoothly. Our expertise extends to managing Joint Estates and Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements, providing clarity and security in family matters.

We also specialize in Child Custody arrangements, assist in preparing Affidavits, and guide clients through the often complex procedures of Dissolution of Marriage/Divorce. Additionally, we are proficient in handling both Foreign and Local Will/Testament matters, safeguarding your legacy for generations to come.


Immigration is one of the key practice areas we specialize in, offering comprehensive services that cover a wide spectrum of immigration needs. Our expertise encompasses Application & Extension of Visa on Arrival, Limited Stay Visa (Work, Foreign Investment, Retirement, and others), Visit Stay Permit, Limited Stay Permit, Permanent Stay Permit, and Stay Permit Status Transfer.

With our in-depth knowledge and experience in immigration law, we provide tailored solutions to facilitate your immigration processes, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for our clients.


 Within our diverse spectrum of legal practice areas, one of our key focuses is “Investigation.” We specialize in conducting comprehensive site visits, meticulous company checks, and thorough evidence collection. Our expertise extends to conducting exhaustive court and land searches, ensuring we leave no stone unturned.

Furthermore, we excel in background checks, ensuring all aspects of an investigation are meticulously covered. At Kolindo Law Firm, we leverage our investigative prowess to provide our clients with the critical insights they need to make informed decisions and resolve complex legal matters.

Commercial Dispute Resolution

Within our Law Firm, we specialize in the practice area of Commercial Dispute Resolution. Our comprehensive expertise spans Consultation, Negotiation, Mediation, Conciliation, Arbitration, Expert Valuation, and Court Litigation.

In this dynamic field, we offer tailored solutions to resolve complex commercial disputes, whether through strategic consultations, skillful negotiations, or, when necessary, vigorous courtroom representation. Our dedicated team is committed to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients in the realm of Commercial Dispute Resolution.

Commercial Dispute Resolution
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